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Cool lease provide reliable and cost-efficient maintenance and repair services for cool rooms and cold stores. We provide prompt service and superior knowledge and resources.

Businesses utilise cold storage facilities to preserve and prolong product shelf life. It is therefore vitally important that equipment works 100% of the time and maintains a constant given temperature.

We understand the value of urgent and immediate service to your business, particularly when your cool room or cold store breaks down. That’s why it is our mission to get your cool room functioning as quickly as possible to avoid costly downtime and business expenses.

Our experience has helped us understand that no two jobs are the same. Our objective is to provide solutions to any of your cool room or and cold store problems that may include:

  • Forklifts tend to put unwanted holes in your cool room and cold store walls. We can maintain and repair your cool room doors, insulated panels and vapour barriers from all types of damage – damage such as vehicle, broken barrier seals and general wear and tear.
  • Damage can often significantly hinder your daily operations. We can provide you with a rapid response and ability to find you the best solution, as well as implementing the repair and maintenance service efficiently and easily as possible so your down time is only minimal.
  • Ice build up – broken seals inside your freezers can cause ice to build up. We can remove the unnecessary ice residue and repair the damaged seal.
  • Door parts – we can supply and install key components and accessories to cool room and cold store doors including – handles, hinges, and sliding door wheels.
  • Insulated panels – our service involves repairing your cool room and cold store insulated panels, including vehicle damage, surface and structural damage.
  • Cool Room Parts – our cold store parts range is full of reliable parts suitable for any of your cold storage applications.
  • We can build, repair or improve your controlled atmosphere doors.